Updates: April 2017
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Roland LPK-1

Roland LPK-1 GR Guitar Controller Assembly

Features and Specifications:

Divided Pickup #610
Pre-Amp Board LPK-1 (G-303, G-505, G-808)
Connector Holder
Rear Cover
4 Knobs (Large) 2 Knobs (Small)
Touch Plate (with vinyl wire)
Bushing nut (Bushing M3)
24P Connector 2324M-K with Lock Shell 24 L1
Jack SG-7713
Binding screw M3 x 10 (2), Oval-headed screw 3 x 20 mm (2), Self-tapping screw (flat-headed) (10) 2.6 x 10 mm, flat-headed screw 3 x 10 mm (4)
Washer M3 (4), lock nut M3 (4), Volume Washer (6), Volume Nut (6)
Spring 0.6 x 3.2 x 16 mm (2)
Washer M3 (4), lock nut M3 (4), Volume Washer (6), Volume Nut (6)
Jack washer, Shielded wire, Vinyl wire (black)
Template LPK-T1, LPK-T2

Gibson Les Paul with LPK-1

Introduction to the Roland LPK-1 GR Controller Assembly

Roland sought to increase the user base of their guitar synthesizer players with the release of the STK-1, LPK-1 and BAK-1 retrofit kits. Up until this point, the only guitars or basses that worked with the vintage Roland 24-pin synths like the GR-300 or GR-33B were produced by the Fuji Roland partnership.

The LPK-1 is a kit consisting of the electronic components from the Roland G-303/505/808 guitar synthesizer controller, plus additional knobs, guitar back panel hardware, templates for guitar routing and miscellaneous wiring.

Because the LPK-1 was designed for installed on Les Paul styled guitars, with carved tops, all the controls in the LPK-1 kit are on additional wired extensions. This enabled the controls to be firmly mounted to the curving top of the guitar without straining the mechanical connections to the PC board.

The knobs included in the LPK-1 kit are the same knobs as used on the Roland G-505 guitar, and not the knobs of the G-202, G-303 or G-808 guitar, though there was a very early version of the G-808, shown in the 1982 brochure, that did have a blend of G-505 and G-202/303/808 knobs.

The LPK-1 kit is found in the Gibson Les Paul Roland-ready vintage GR guitar, and the Pedulla XJ-S guitar, among others.

Links to more information:

Download the STK-1/LPK-1 Installation Guide/Owner's Manual Schematics (pdf).

Download the G-303/505/808 LPK-1 Schematic (same schematic, following versions "B" and "C" for the G-303 and G-808).


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Videos - Pedulla XJ-S with LPK-1 GR Controller Assembly: