Updates: April 2017
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Roland STK-1 GR Guitar Controller Assembly

Roland STK-1 GR Guitar Controller Assembly

Features and Specifications:

Divided Pickup #610
Pre-Amp Board STK-1 (G-707)
Back Panel STK
3 Knobs (Large) 3 Knobs (Small)
Touch Plate (with vinyl wire)
Pickup base
24P Connector 2324M-K with Lock Shell 24 L1
Jack SG-7713
Binding screw M3 x 10 (2), Oval-headed screw 3 x 20 mm (2), Self-tapping screw (flat-headed) (9) 2.6 x 10 mm, flat-headed
Washer M3 (4), lock nut M3 (4), Volume Washer (6), Volume Nut (6)
Spring 0.6 x 3.2 x 18 mm (2)
Shielded wire, Vinyl wire (black)
Jack washer
Template STK-1, STK-2, STK-3

Mark Knopfler
Mark Knopfler with Roland STK-1 Modified Custom Strat

Introduction to the Roland STK-1 GR Guitar Controller Assembly:

Roland sought to increase the user base of their guitar synthesizer players with the release of the STK-1, LPK-1 and BAK-1 retrofit kits. Up until this point, the only guitars or basses that worked with the vintage Roland 24-pin synths like the GR-300 or GR-33B were produced by the Fuji Roland partnership.

The STK-1 is a kit consisting of the electronic components from the Roland G-707 guitar synthesizer controller, plus additional knobs, guitar back panel hardware, templates for guitar routing and miscellaneous wiring. The STK-1 was specifically designed to work with Strat type guitars, though it can be installed in any guitar. The STK-1 has a smaller footprint than the larger LPK-1 kit which used the G-303/G-808 electronics card.

Because the STK-1 is smaller, it required less routing of the guitar to install. Subsequently, the STK-1 is more commonly found in third-party guitars than the LPK-1. This was the electronics system in most of the Roland-Ready vintage 24-pin guitars, like the Zion Turbo Synth. Hamer A7 or the Gibson Explorer.

Links to more information:

Download the STK-1/LPK-1 Installation Guide/Owner's Manual Schematics (pdf).


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Videos - Zion Turbo Synth with STK-1 GR Controller Assembly: