Updates: May 2018
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Features and Specifications
Roland PC-50

Roland PC-50 Preset Controller

Features and Specifications:

Controls: Polyensemble Volume Control (3x), Bass Volume Control (3x), Solo Melody Control (3x), External Synthesizer Volume Control (3X)
Switches: Select Footswitches - Channel A/B/C/Manual, Remote Footswitch,1
Indicators: Manual/Preset Channel Indicators, Channel A/B/C/Manual, Remote Indicator ,1
Connectors: Connector for Guitar Controller (GS-500) 1, Connector for Synthesizer (GR-500) 1, Remote Jack (1)
Dimensions: 398 (W) x 78 (H) x 235 (D) mm
Weight: 3.2 kg

Roland PC-50 GR-500 Preset Controller

Introduction to the Roland PC-50:

The PC-50 is a preset controller for the Roland GR-500. The Roland PC-50 is perhaps one of the all-time rarest accessories in the vintage Roland guitar synthesizer series. Not a lot of GR-500s were built, and even fewer PC-50s were distributed.

The PC-50 has the ability to store three presets for the Roland GR-500, plus a manual option. Each preset stores the settings of the levels for the Polyensemble, Bass, Solo Melody, and the External Synth. In the manual mode, control is returned to the settings on the guitar.

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Download the PC-50 Owner's Manual


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