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October: 2014
Ylvis - Mr. Toot: Ylvis ("What does the fox say?") is back with a new video featurig the Ibanez IMG2010!!!.

Victor Sågfors Rolad G-202/GR-300 Video: New! Victor and band perfrom live, with G-202/GR-300.

Zion Turbo Synth Guitar: New! Full profile of the vintage Zion Turbo Synth Roland 24-pin guitar synth controller.

Roland GKP-4: Just added: Reference page for Roland GKP-4. Photos and schematics plus more.

Boss (Roland) GP-10: New page on the amazing GP-10. Video demo of the 100 factory patches posted on YouTube.

Welcome to the Vintage Roland Guitar Synthesizer Resource Site!

This website is dedicated to providing comprehensive, complete and accurate information on vintage Roland 24-pin guitar synthesizers, controllers, and related accessories.

I started this website more than a decade ago when there was very little information online about vintage 24-pin synths, and a lot of the information I could find was wrong.

Please dig in and learn more about the first sustained effort by Roland Corporation to expand the sonic tools available to guitar players. You will find photos, technical information, service manuals, owners manuals, vintage advertising plus video clips on a variety of cutting-edge gear from the late seventies to early nineties.

This website is possible because of the many GR users who have helped by contributing photos, service bulletins, etc. to make this resource more complete. Feel free to email me if you have questions, corrections, etc. And many thanks to Dempsey Elks who dug through his Guitar Player archives, and emailed me the original Craig Anderton GR-300 article modification article that comprised the original website.