Updates: April 2017
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Roland M-16C

Roland GKP-4 - GK Parallel Box

Features and Specifications:

  • 1 In / 4 Out parallel box for guitars equipped with 13-pin GK-compatible pickups
  • Allows simultaneous connection to BOSS GK Effects pedals, Roland V-Guitar products and guitar synthesizers
  • Separate switches for GK volume and GK output on/off
  • No batteries or power supply required; draws power through GK cable
  • Includes 2 GK cables
  • Dimensions: 210 mm (W) 49 mm (D) 34 mm (H).
  • Weight: 310 g / 11 oz
  • GK QuadBox - Roland GKP4 and US-20 Clone - Limited Availability!

Introduction to the Roland GKP-4:

The Roland GKP-4 GK Parallel Box allows guitars equipped with a 13-pin GK-compatible pickup to connect to up to four different Roland and BOSS GK-Ready devices simultaneously. The box features separate On/Off switches for each output, plus the ability to turn GK volume messages on or off for realtime volume changes on select devices.

The original list price fo rthe GKP-4 was $149.00. I reacll the units being blown at "Mars Music", a now discontinued music store chain in the United States that aimed to compete head on with Guitar Center. At the time of the sale, late 2002, the GKP-4 could be purchased for around $89. Because of the rarity of the GKP-4, units have sold for as much as $400 on ebay.

Links to more information:

Download the GKP-4 Owner's Manual (pdf).

Download the GKP-4 Schematic.


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Schematics - Repairs - Service Bulletins:

There are no known service bulletins from Roland addressing any GKP-4 problems.

Download the GKP-4 Schematic.