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Ibanez IFC60 Foot Controller

Ibanez IFC60 Intelligent Foot Controller

Features and Specifications:

  • Switches: Five dual-value footswitches, one memory bank footswitch, and internal DIP switches to set MIDI channel, and default program value.
  • Connector: One 6-pin connector for attachment to Ibanez MC1 (IMC1), DUE400, EPP400, SDR1000 (+) and the Sony MUR-201 Digital Reverb.
  • Power: Power by +5 volt on 6-pin connector cable. Approximately 170 ma power consumption.
  • Dimensions: 454 mm (W) x 112 mm (D) x 44 mm (H)
  • Weight: 1.4 kg

Introduction to the Ibanez IFC60:

banez IFC60 Intelligent Foot Controller

The Ibanez IFC60 (Intelligent Foot Controller) is a hard to find foot pedal that was sold with the MC1, and other Ibanez processors, as a set.

It features five program foot switches, plus a bank foot switch. It also works with the Ibanez DUE400, EPP400 and the SDR1000 Digital Reverb.

Five of the footswitches have a dual label, "0/5", "1/6" etc. dividing the possible program changes into a low or high range. By pressing and holding a footswitch from around one second, the value will switch to the alternate number. For example, pressing the "0/5" footswitch for longer than a second will switch the value from "0" to "5". Subsequent footswitch presses stay in the same range, either low or high. Pressing the "Memory Bank" footswitch changes the memory bank, advancing through the banks. There are twleve possible memory banks, corresponding to MIDI program changes from "0" to "127."

Ibanez IFC60
Ibanez MIU8 - Click to enlarge.
Ibanez MIU8 MIDI Interface Unit:

Similar to the way the Roland FC-100 and FC-100 MKII can be used as stand alone MIDI pedals with the Roland RMC-1, the IFC60 has the ability to be used as a stand-alone MIDI foot controller when used with the Ibanez MIU8 MIDI Interface. The very rare MIU8 is a really cool box, that could double as a 1-in, 8-out MIDI thru box, or as a MIDI interface/breakout box for the IFC60. The MIU8 has both a MIDI input and a 6-pin Remote input for the IFC60.

Ibanez MIU8 - Click to enlarge.

When the IFC60 is first powered up, the unit flashes its control channel number, three times, then displays the default program number, flashing that number three times. The control channel can be set from 1 to 16, corresponding to the sixteen MIDI channels, and the default program can be set from 0 to 127. Internal DIP siwtches set these values. These values are not relavent when using the IFC60 with the MC1, for example, but are important when using the IFC60 with the MIU8 MIDI interface.

The IFC60 uses the same, 6-pin cable design as the Roland PG-200, PG-800, and other Roland RRC-1 equipped devices. Like the Ibanez MC1, the IFC60 has components marked with the "Maxon" name, suggesting that like a lot of other Ibanez electronic products from this period, the IFC60 was built by Maxon for Ibanez. Incidentally, the Ibanez SDR-1000+ was built by Sony, and there was a later version of the SDR 1000+ released by Sony as the Sony MUR-201 digital reverb.

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Ibanez IFC60 Ibanez IFC60 Ibanez IFC60
Ibanez IFC60 Ibanez IFC60 Ibanez IFC60
Ibanez IFC60 Ibanez IFC60 Ibanez IFC60
Ibanez IFC60 Ibanez IFC60 Ibanez IFC60
Ibanez IFC60 Ibanez IFC60 Ibanez IFC60
Ibanez IFC60 Ibanez IFC60 Ibanez IFC60
Ibanez IFC60 Ibanez IFC60 Ibanez IFC60
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Schematics - Repairs - Service Bulletins:

There are no known service bulletins from Ibanez addressing any IFC60 problems.