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I am no longer in the guitar synthesizer business, and have nothing to sell!

Thank you so much for your interest. I have changed careers, and am no longer building any guitar synthesizer products. My last sales were in 2015. I no longer have the parts, tools, or means to produce any products. As I get the chance, I am posting schematics on the website for people looking for information, see below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find your products for sale?

My products turn up used from time to time on ebay, and sometimes Reverb.

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Who makes similar products?

The guitar synthesizer market is very small, and to the best of my knowedge, I am the only person who ever took an interest in making accessories for vintage Roland guitar synthesizers. For the newer 13-pin equipment, I recommend you check out the V-Guitar forum, From time to time some new products are introduced for modern 13-pin guitar synths.

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Where can I find parts?

I purchased most of my parts from the excellent online parts supplier, Mouser,

13-Pin Connector (DigiKey) SDD-130J

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Where can I find circuit boards?

I do not have any recommendations for circuit boards.

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Will you be making for products in the future?

No, I have changed careers and my new work keeps me very busy. Without making guitar synthesizers a full-time committment, I just do not have the time to continue producing any products.

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