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Clone Roland C-24D Cable

Clone Roland 24 Pin Guitar Synth Cable (magictrashman)

Around May of 2018 'magictrashman' started producing a clone of the vintage Roland 24-pin guitar synthesizer cable after having a conversation with a friend about the scarcity of this essential piece of gear for the vintage guitar synth player.

Until that point, he was really not aware of the world of vintage Roland guitar synthesizers. Luckily for us, he enjoys designing and making things, and thought this was an interesting challenge to take on!

I asked 'magictrashman' for a little more information about his cable, and he offered the following:

“The primary goal was to make it durable and easy to repair/rework in the future. If any part of the plastic cable head breaks or is damaged it can be replaced and I'd be happy to do so at cost for any of my customers. The unused 25th conductor is left intact in case it's needed later. I also use a water soluble non-conductive glue to further secure the rear of the headers in the female end and the guide pin in the male end, it's non-permanent and easily peeled out (no permanent epoxy.)

It takes my machines a full day (12 hours) to produce one male and female end pair because I run them on the slowest setting at highest detail, with high infill to make the parts as strong as I can.

The new conductors were specced to match the depth and contact dimensions of the original pins and sockets. All materials involved are RoHS compliant.

I'd love to use black sheathed DB25 cord for aesthetic purposes but I can't find long lengths of it at decent prices anywhere. I've even inquired about commissioning production of it.

Any issues that arise with the cable design in the future I would like to be told of them so I could possibly address them in a revision if necessary.”

The clone cable is the only product of its type offered by 'magictrashman' or anyone else at this point. Much of what he does right now is video related equipment or involving game controllers. In his 20 years of experience working in electronics, he has designed miniaturized joysticks and has custom modified controllers and interfaces for individuals with physical handicaps such as one-handed use, etc.

Check out the video below for a detailed look at the cable and its design. For the record, I asked 'magictrashman' for a cable to review, after seeing the cable had positive reviews from online sales.

People frequently email me asking for help with locating a cable, and I was hoping I could provide some answer other than 'keep checking on ebay', followed by 'expect to pay a lot of money'. I do not receive any proceeds from the sale of this cable.

How To Buy A Cable

You can contact 'magictrashman' to purchase the cable directly at a discounted price. To try to thwart spam the contact email has been spelled out below.

The cables are also for sale on ebay and As someone who spent years building and selling products for vintage guitar synth players, I would advise acting sooner than later if you are interested in these cables, as there is no guaranteed ongoing production run.

Please let him know you found the information on this website!

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