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GR-700: Vanguard to Synth Frontiers

Roland Users Group, Volume 2, Number 4

The most eagerly anticipated guitar product since the electronic age began is here, now, in the GR-700 Guitar Synthesizer from Roland.

The GR-700 can hold its own with any of the leading polyphonic keyboard synthesizers by offering twelve DCOs, six VCFs, six VCAs, LFO, programmable Stereo Chorus, and the optional PG-200 Programmer.

Roland Hardware GR-700
Roland GR-700

Guitarists can utilize all their unique techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, and string bends, because the GR-700 not only will follow them flawlessly, but also will reproduce all the subtle, dynamic nuances of these techniques. Because of the dynamic DCOs, VCFs, and VCAs, the GR-700 has capabilities beyond those of even the most sophisticated touch-sensitive keyboard synthesizers.

The foot-controlled unit is capable of creating and storing 64 patch sounds, and an optional RAM cartridge can add another 64 for a combined total of 128 patch sounds available at any given time. The inexpensive cartridges can also be used to store program data. New sounds can be created using the GR-700's editing system or the optional PG-200.

A MIDI output is also provided on the GR-700. This enables the guitarist to control not only the GR-700 module, but also other MIDI compatible synthesizers like the Jupiter-6 or JX-3P. One, two, three, or more additional synthesizers can be slaved to create amazing layering effects. The MIDI output can also send information to a MIDI sequence controller like the MSQ-700, or to a computer via the MPU-401. This information can then be stored for later playback.

The GR-700 retails for $1,995.

G-707: Guitar Design Redefined

Roland Hardware G-707

Guitarists ready to make their move into the electronic age will want to check out the new G-707 Guitar Controller from Roland.

The G-707 features a radical new body design for a perfect balance while playing and a new FRP plastic stabilizer bar for absolutely perfect synthesizer tracking.

By utilizing the stabilizer bar to eliminate dead spots on the neck, the G-707 projects a fiercer guitar sound as well. The humbucking pickups and a smooth new tremolo unit top off this amazing mew guitar controller.

The tremolo unit features sixteen-millimeter ball bearing pivots and brass bridge rollers for smooth arm movement and stable tuning. Tine G-707 comes with a case and sells for a suggested retail of $1,150.