January 2020
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Features and Specifications
Boss SY-1000 Guitar Synthesize

Boss SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer

Features and Specifications:

  • Guitar Mode: Guitar synthesizer: 3 types (DYNAMIC SYNTH, OSC SYNTH, GR-300), Electric guitar + Amp modeling: (Guitar = 13 types, Amp = 31 types), Acoustic + Amp modeling: (Acoustic = 10 types, Amp = 31 types). Bass + Amp modeling: (Bass = 3 types, Amp = 31 types), Vio guitar modeling: 13 types, Poly FX: 5 types
  • Bass mode: Bass synthesizer: 3 types (DYNAMIC SYNTH, OSC SYNTH, ANALOG GR), Bass + Amp modeling: (Bass = 11 types, Amp = 31 types), AC bass + Amp modeling: (AC bass = 1 type, Amp = 31 types). Electric guitar + Amp modeling: (Guitar = 3 types, Amp = 31 types), Poly FX: 5 types
  • Alternate Tuning: Guitar mode: OPEN (D, E, G, A), DROP (D to A), D-MODAL, NASHVILLE, SHIFT (-12 to +12), USER, 12-string guitar function, Bass mode: SHIFT (-12 to +12), USER, 12-string bass function
  • Effects: 150+ types
  • Patch Memory: Guitar mode: 200 (Preset) + 200 (User), Bass mode: 200 (Preset) + 200 (User)
  • Connectors: GK IN connector: 13-pin DIN type, • GUITAR INPUT jack, SEND jack, RETURN jack, MAIN OUTPUT (L/PHONES, R/MONO) jacks, SUB OUTPUT (L, R/MONO) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type, CTL3, 4/EXP1 jack, CTL5, 6/EXP2 jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type • USB COMPUTER port: USB B type (supports High-Speed USB, USB Audio, and USB MIDI), MIDI (IN, OUT/THRU) connectors, DC IN jack
  • Dimensions: 345 mm (W) 67 mm (H) 245 mm (D)
  • Weight: 2.5 kg 5 lbs. 9 oz.

Introduction to the Boss SY-1000:

In early December of 2019, Roland showed that it remains committed to pushing the boundaries guitar synthesis with the announcement of the Boss SY-1000 guitar synthesizer.

The Boss SY-1000 guitar synthesizer offers up to three simultaneous guitar synth tones, along with updated effects and higher resolution AD/DA converters and processing power.

The architecture of the SY-1000 calls to mind the Roland JD-XA, with several different sound generating technologies layered together. The analog modeling part of the SY-1000 goes all the way back to the original Roland VG-8. The modeled vintage Roland GR-300 technology was introduced in 2007 when the ground breaking VG-99 premiered. And finally the latest technology from the Boss SY-300 is included, which uses an entirely new synth algorithm which does not require a divided hex GK pickup.

However, the SY-1000 does not stop there. A new Dynamic Synth has been included, which tracks the envelope of the incoming guitar signal, and which also incorporates two 16-part step sequencers. In addition to the Dynamic Synth is the VIO Guitar, which suggests creating violin type tones from the guitar.

Any one of these elements would justify an entire stand alone guitar synthesizer. It is hard to image given all the parameters and variations of configurations that it would be possible to explore everything the SY-1000 is capable off. Ironically, the most famous guitar synthesizer Roland ever made, the GR-300, succeeded because it did one thing, and did that one thing really, really well.

It is not clear that this will be the product that redefines guitar synthesizers, or another high technology music product with enough options to overwhelm even the most diligent of guitar synthesists. It is interesting to note that recent guitar synth products have been offered through the guitar-oriented Boss line, which makes a lot of sense. And the design of the SY-1000 is more about creating new sounds directly from the guitar input, rather than the triggering of synthesized sounds which have defined the recent GR series, up through the GR-55.

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Roland SY-1000 Roland SY-1000 Roland SY-1000
Roland SY-1000 Roland SY-1000 Roland SY-1000
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