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Features and Specifications
GR-300 Remote Control Pedal

DIY Roland GR-300: Remote Control Box

Features and Specifications

  • 2 Filter Presets
  • Filter Pedal Control Option
  • Pitch Sweep On/Off
  • Compression Of/Off
  • String Select On/Off

Introduction to the "Do It Yourself" Roland GR-300 Remote Control Pedal:

The GR-300 has many cool features that few players use, like compression or pitch sweep, mainly because these functions work best with a foot switch.

The pitch sweep feature is dramatic, but it is not the kind of thing you want to hear every time you engage the pitch presets. The GR-300 remote puts controls for these features, plus filter presets, in one box.

footswitch footswitch footswitch

Foot Switch 1, marked "preset" selects between filter preset 1 or preset 2. Foot Switch 2, marked "pedal" selects between the preset knobs and the pedal. There are LEDs associated with each knob so you can know which filter knob is active, even when the pedal is on. Also, keep in mind that the amount of filter control depends on the filter control setting on the GR series controller, or the GK-1. The control knobs, or the pedal, make the sound of the GR-300 brighter. Therefore, if you want maximum range, set the filter control on the guitar to minimum.

Filter Preset Pedal

After I built the original Remote Control Box, I built a newer unit to only select presets for the GR-300. Otherwise, it works exactly the same as the original Remote Control Box. I really liked playing with the filter control, and enjoyed using the pedal for some cool filter sweeps. I also tried some different pots. Why different values? In critical listening tests, the 100K pot opened the filter up slightly more, but the 50K pot yielded the most usable range. If you are building for musicality, I would keep both pots at 50K.


Remote Pedal Remote Pedal
GR-300 Remote Control Box with switches and filter control
GR-300 filter preset remote control box
remote details remote details

YouTube clips of the GR-300 Remote Pedal in Action: